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Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
Family archive app
It happens that departed loved ones are buried in different parts of the city, and even the country. Remembering who and where is, and the exact dates of life at times, it is simply impossible, and even more so to track the state of the burial.
Create your family data archive with iWALY. Everything in one application.
Arnold de Villanova
"We admire them during their lifetime, but even after death, their memory is worthy of being immortalized. Send flowers
to the grave of the Great Personality or ensure the cleanliness
of the burial on the day of his birth, death or other memorable date,or maybe just in an emotional outburst is absolutely appropriate and a noble endeavor. "
To preserve the memories of their deceased loved ones, it was decided to develop the Iwaly application - a family archive. Search by geolocation is available in the application and additional services to honor the memory of your loved ones, even from a distance.
Simple intuitive app design is decorated with retro-style illustrations
Our goal is to attract the user to the application using a unique design and provide convenient functionality for interacting with the performer.
Unique design that will be intuitive for users of different age groups.
Functionality that can be expanded by adding new services.
Team and deadlines
Nine people worked on the iWaly
project for 12 months.
Work on a project is based on a flexible Agile methodology, with the division of the entire project into small segments - sprints, which allows predicting risks and resources in real time. Project planning is handled by a dedicated manager who leads the project from start to release.
Initially, there is only an idea and nothing else. To test the hypothesis, we write a detailed technical specification and user stories, create an MVP product, and launch it for a small audience.
We supplement the functionality necessary for users and launch the application into release
to a large audience.
Where to begin?
Technical description
Design conception
Design layout
Development of the server side of the project
App development
QA and launch
In October 2019, we began work on analytics, user storytelling, and technical writing. In parallel, the development and approval of the design of the concept of a mobile application for users (Customers) and a separate interface for working with orders for Performers were carried out.
The modern framework was defined as a technological platform for application development, the server side was developed in PHP Laravel.
1. Login and registration
Application login screen authorizes users by phone number or social networks. The interface is universal both for the role of the Contractor and for the role of the Customer. Registration of Performers takes place through the web interface, and registration of the Customer role is implemented in the application.
2. Home screen
The main screen of the application is made in the form of a ribbon with interesting and memorable objects, detailed information about which can be viewed by clicking on the object card.
3. Burial page
The purpose of the page is to show complete information about the burial site, with the ability to build navigation to the object.

Photos of the object are available for viewing, which are updated every time after the completion of the cleaning service, or the welfare of the burial.
4. Services
The content on this screen can be dynamically changed through the administrative interface.

The purpose of the screen is to acquaint in the most detail with a list of services, their composition and cost.
Tiled design, with a separate page detailing each service
Quick view of prices and transition to orders history
Editing the list of services, prices and soata services through the admin panel
Custom order option, to solve any request privately
How it looks
Available list of services
You can order the service
directly from your burial card
Detailed description of the service
and selection of an object
Options and packages within the selected service
5. Order and deal
After choosing a service and additional options (if any), the User selects an object to continue the order creation process.

If the object was previously added, then the application will offer a list of added objects. The functionality
of searching for objects in the database and adding your own object is also available.

After payment, the order is broadcast, where the contractor can view it and accept it for execution.
6. Burials
The Burials section is a manager of the burials added by the user, with the ability to edit any information, and quickly order a service.

Selected graves tab, for quick access to graves found through the search or from the celebrity graves section.
Burial types
Burials added by the user can be edited by the owner. The entire list of services available in the service can be applied
Burial places of celebrities, and places of memory, are uploaded by the administration of the service
Burials of other users, available in the search, can be added to favorites. A limited list of services can be applied to them.
Adding a tombstone
Adding a single burial
Creating a family burial
7. Search for burials
The more search parameters are specified, the more accurate the selection will be. Basic search is available when specifying the region for the search and full name.
The transition to the search functionality is available by clicking on the icon at the top of the screen
It is enough to indicate the region for the search and the city, then indicate the full name and the system will give all the matches in the form of a list
In the absence of data for search, you can order a search service from trusted performers
Burial search service
If some of the data for independent search is missing, or you are not sure about the accuracy of this data, you can use the search service.

The performers will do their best to help with the search of any difficulty:
- Walk to the indicated burial place
and fill out the object card in the application.
- Find burial by partial data
and signs.
- Check, if necessary, all cemeteries in the city or region.
- Will raise the archives and put together all the pieces of the puzzle of the data provided.
8. Profile and transactions
In the application, depending on the user's role, a different set of fields and functionality is available in the profile section. For the Customer, most of the fields are optional. The payment history is especially valuable.

For the Contractor, the account verification function is available, which allows you to upload passport data to confirm your identity, and bind a bank card. All this will allow you to receive funds for the services performed.
Work navigation
Administrator interface
All work